Binder & Canno

Binder & Canno offers a wide-range of legal services for individuals and businesses. The firm was founded to answer the call of its clients to have a dynamic, responsive firm able to handle a variety of matters from start-to-finish while being mindful of the total cost-benefit analysis. Boasting accomplished attorneys with impressive credentials as well as a network of partners and resources, Binder & Canno offers services for almost any legal need – from the one person start-up business to large corporations to multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Binder & Canno strives to keep the client’s overall needs in mind while addressing the problems or concerns of its clients and to swiftly respond to all issues. Our flexible fee agreements and conscientious nature allows us to offer our clients the best combination of experience, comfort, and price. In an era of continuing specialized practice, Binder & Canno exists to give its clients one number they can call for prompt answers to any legal questions that arise.